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Front & Main is a Soul Rock band based out of the crossroads of the Ithaca, Syracuse, and Binghamton, NY, music scenes. Collaborators Michael Wu and Paul Shotwell have gathered a slew of A-list musicians from across the region to bring their original compositions to life. Their songs range in influence from across the rock spectrum; ballads and upbeat rockers taking inspiration from multiple artists from classic rock to modern rock - all overlaid with Shotwell’s smoky, soulful vocals. 

Paul Shotwell. Paul has worked around the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions of New York as a solo singer-songwriter, sound engineer, and stage technician. His powerful and instantly recognizable voice has become the trademark of his performances. Influenced by an array of genres, from soul to R&B to rock, Paul brings deep stories to life through his lyrics and captures audiences with the vocal delivery equal to the greats of the region. 

Michael Wu. Michael is a musician & bassist residing in the Ithaca-Binghamton region of Central New York. He has accompanied artists in a wide variety of styles, from jazz to metal to hip-hop to singer-songwriter and beyond. Michael’s creative focus has always been on original music and he has supported many regional artists as a live and studio bassist. Michael performs with Ithaca, NY, based hip-hop group Gunpoets, and supports acts such as Diwas Gurung (solo artist), Maddy Walsh (solo artist, Maddy Walsh & The Blind Spots), and R&B artist, LGN. 

To hear examples of Michael's live and studio work, please check out www.wumusic.com.

Michael has been using Michael Tobias Design (MTD) bass guitars since 2007; And on occasion a Nash or Fender.

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